Our Mission:
To connect German-speaking people throughout the USA and to main-
tain our German-Austrian-Swiss-Luxembourg-Lichtenstein heritages.
Welcome to German Is Our Specialty - GIOS
German Speaking Nations and Provinces in Europe

Not shown: The Netherlands (Dutch and the Ostfriesland Dialect are related)
Strasbourg Province, France        Posnyn Province, Poland
Plus, many Europeans speak German as their second or third language.
German Is Our
Connecting German-Speaking People of the USA
(and those of Canada who like to be linked with a good cause)
For our USA Friends: Check out Family Camp at
Bethel Park Retreat Center - Bridgman, Michigan
July 11-15, 2015
English & German Language Events & Concerts


For our Canadian Friends: Check out German Heritage Camp
Bethel Park Camp - Rodney, Ontario
July 19 - 22, 2015


Special Announcement:

Harry Fritz, the webmaster for this site will be
visiting the
Sheboygan Area Wednesday, July 8, 2015, and
friends of Harry are asked to attend a "re-union" for the area.
Arrangements have been made to meet at 6:00pm at the
Falls Firehouse Pizza;  109 Maple St, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

Also, Harry is asking his friends and relatives residing in the
Milwaukee Area to meet him at a
(yet to be designated buffet-style restaurant)
Thursday July 9, also starting at about 6-6:30pm.

We are asked to provide a count of people that are expected to attend -
can you please e-mail Harry (
giostacoma@gmail.com) if you plan to
participate at this "re-union" so that we can find a suitable restaurant.

If you have suggestions on what you would like to see or discover in these pages,
contact us using the "Contact GIOS" button on the left.

Valley View Christian Fellowship
and the German Church of Tacoma
invite you to check out their website:

www.ValleyViewChristian.org  (new website)
We would love to
include your college
language functions and
concerts. We just need
to be contacted by the
representative for the
function with event or
function details, a
description about the
event and affirmation
that it is open to the

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